I actually cant believe I have held out this long…Coffee is probably hands down, one of the best things in the morning.  Ok, scratch that…coffee is the ONLY thing good in the morning – and its good all day long too.

Daylight savings time?  Not so great.  Especially when you forget to, um, you know, set the clocks back?  In all honesty we KNOW what time it is, our computers automatically set things back, and we even made it to church on time Sunday.

But our dining room clock?  Is still an hour behind.  And will most likely remain behind until Spring.  Because no one dares to touch it.  If one person sets it back, another wont know this, and we will be an hour late (automatic calculation).  Or someone else will set it back as well, and we will be even later!

All that is a long way to say – this morning mom woke us up – and we didnt realize until we got to the car (the only place where the time is right) and it was only 7.  Not 8.

Ahh yes.


Or cappuccino more like it.  MUCH better than Dutch’s 🙂 (just dont tell him!):

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One thought on “Happiness Project: Coffee

  1. Sue Anderson says:

    I haven’t gotten all my clocks set back, either. It’s on my list for today, but I’m not betting on it…


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