You Capture: Autumn

First off some fun making fall cookies with Mr. Parker.

Some berry branches, that I thought were cool – they made an appearance here for You Capture in the Summer, and here they are again, in the fall.

With a green background.

Leaves getting ready to fall…

Again with the ocean in the background.

Tree branch with some sun light, I thought made a cool picture.

These trees stay mostly green year round.  Well, green and brown respectively.

And of course, some fall color.

These flowers are some bulbs that we bought in England…and planted when we got back, we thought that they werent going to get flowers this year, but they surprised us, and just as everything is turning colors and getting ready to die…they started to bloom.

This was my favorite picture out of all that I took, but I couldnt help but post a few more.

I had a lot of fun with the rain drops on them.


And the actual flower itself.


7 thoughts on “You Capture: Autumn”

  1. Beautiful photos! I love all the plant photos, the first two are my favourite though, I love the blur! And those cookies look great, fantastic colours!

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