68 Minutes and counting.  The time left on the computer at the library.  I have so many thoughts, but limited amount of time, and thus limited amount of space to make these thoughts a reality.

67 minutes now.  Im still thinking about what to say, and having no success, so I have decided to say my thoughts for my journal that I write in with an actual pen.  The journal that I only seem to write in while were traveling, perhaps due to lack of computer and internet.

Still on 67 minutes.

66 now. 

Im thinking about the future, and the past.  The combination of the two and the present.  I dont have spell check, and I know that my posts wont show up the way I want them to because – hello library computers and timers that make my heart race.  I dont like you very well, but you will do for now I suppose.

65 minutes.  Were leaving Oregon tomorrow.  Its a very bitter-sweet thought.  It has been such an awesome time down here – sun, hot hot sun, friends – old and new, (select) family…just awesome.  But were going to Washington, to make new adventures, and new friends.

64 minutes.  Im not ready to go home.  But leery to say that, because we always get stuck in Canada when I do…and I really dont want to be stuck there, again.  THAT does not sound like fun.  Ive missed a few things, but not enough to want to go back, maybe that will help?  Im not sure.  Im just hoping that we dont get stuck. 

63 minutes.  Im also hoping that I remember these thoughts, the ones that seem to only make their appearance on these trips.  The thoughts that are God centered, because I dont have distractions.  Just me. My thoughts. And God.  Good times.  I wish I could say they continue when we get home, but so often, I leave them at teh doorstep, and dont pick them up again until our next trip.

62 minutes.  I guess that doesnt sound good.  I really need to be less distracted.  I have been thinking A LOT about the family who just lost their dad/husband/brother/son.  I dont know why.  I just have.  For the past few days, they have just been on my mind…and I dont even know what to think.  Or say.  Or pray.  Of feel.  I just….dont know.  It is so just, so sad. 

61 minutes.  I wish I could publish some pictures with this post.  Just to give a brief glimpse…but Im afraid a picture wouldnt do much good anyways, especially concidering that I dont have my camera with me in the library!!  Plus a picture sometimes just cant sum things up – while other times words just cant.  Right now, neither seem to do the trick.

60 minutes.  I will post again when I can.  I miss everyone and hope to check up on you all soon!!  Remind me of that when I complain some time, ok?  Thanks 😛

59 minutes (P.S. – I dont have spell check!!)

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