So its October 1st.  Were still in Oregon.  I have a lot to say but no real words to say it with.

I got sick the day we came into the states, which was about a day and 1/2 after we left, and am just now getting over it.  Typical really.

Its hot down here.  Did I mention that already?  Its in the 80’s around 3 when we get around to checking so Im not really sure what it is during the day, but its hot.  At home were getting rain tho, so I wont complain.  Just saying.  🙂

I dont miss being home too much – although there are certain things at home that I miss.  Like the coffee.  And the cats.  But other than that, I cant think of too much.  Its been a real nice trip for the most part – and hopefully continues to be.

Sad news from home tho, is that our little Tweety bird is gone.  Dad said her cage was open, and there were just a few feathers there.  He thinks the stray cat got in and got her somehow.  Which is sad.  Because that bird was annoyingly sweet.  Unlike any other parakeet weve had before – it will be sad to go back and not have her here.

I dont like Library computers.  Enough said.

Like when we were over-seas David keeps mentioning things here that are so different.  Like "Tootsie rolls" the candy?  I didnt catch on later to what he meant – but "Tootises" are another name for feet.  So "Tootsie rolls" sounded and now sound, funny. 

Ive really missed the photo challenges these past few days/week.  And cant wait to get back into them.  I also cant wait to share some pictures I have taken on this trip….and catch back up with everyone – I miss that too!!

Thats all for now I think!

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