{Day 25}

I have a little bit of a problem…its called “Schedule post” and Im addicted to it.

Im sorry, I must admit blame all of my problems on SOMETHING and why not be the cause of all evil?

You see, about two and ½ weeks ago (but really, whos counting – I AM – that’s who!) I started this thing called “September-Blog-A-Thon” now lets hear it up for everyone whos participating, and has made it this far – yea!!

Anyways, back on track. When I first started, I thought that when I got in a writing mood, I would write. Like a bunch. And then when I wasn’t feeling creative, I could rely on one of these already written fabulous pieces.

Infact, its gotten to the point where instead of simply publishing, I SCHEDULE it to be published, a few minutes later.

But. I got addicted. And instead, I relied upon this stupid button. Instead of getting up in the morning and punching out a wonderful post over a cup of coffee, and reminiscing about the good old days (what are those anyways?) I would log on, and lo-and-behold – there was a post. Already posted for the day! And I would beam.

Instant gratification.

I am lame.

I relied upon this button for everything, far more than I should. And I will admit, dear bloggy world, I have become victim. To da button.

Need a post? No problem! Need an idea? No problem! Need a million dollars? Me too!

What I mean to say is that instead of just relying on the button for scheduling my posts, I have relied upon it to do EVERYTHING. To moderate comments, to leave comments, to link up at appropriate times, to spell check, double check, and even…dare I say, write the posts themselves (well look – its doing it now so I must be onto something!)

I am here to say that I am sorry.

If there was a mistake? It wasn’t my fault! Instead, I will give all due blame to “Da button.” You have a problem? The button!

Are you sensing a pattern? Good. No go forth and make a fool of yourself, because misery loves company. Then tell me – how did the button, change YOUR life??

{BTW – At the current time you are reading this – We are going through Canada on our way to Washington/Oregon}

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