{Day 21}

Happiness is this one:


(well, this one too)


I thought for sure I already did a “Happiness project” post on them, but I couldnt find one, and couldnt let it slip by.  I havent spent as much time as Id like with them this week, but if I need any bit of happiness, I just have to scoop one of them up and its impossible NOT to smile (unless your allergic, that is!)

4 thoughts on “Happiness Project

  1. Kelly says:

    Awh very nice… Nothing like seeing a good fury friend 🙂

  2. Sue Anderson says:

    I AM allergic, and I’m still smiling! (From a distance, of course…)


  3. Leigh says:

    Nothing like a kitty purring in your lap!

  4. Dana says:

    They are so handsome! I wish we could have cats, but my entire family is allergic…we like to watch from a far.

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