September 11, 2001

That was about as “In depth” as I got into the tragedy of 9-11.  I was eleven.  Ironically.  I remember the biggest thing was that we were all watching tv that day.  And the fact that we went shopping.  Im not really sure if I understood the depth of it all, At the time I wrote the simple details of the day like I did everyday when I was that age.  “Today dad woke mom up by saying Washington DC and New York buildings had gotten bombed we went shopping and then went to the shop”

And in my mind – that was as far as it went.

I finished the page off with a Halloween sticker and went back to the regular scheduled program the following day.

A few days later I would record that president Bush declared war on the radio – and would never mention it again.

To me thats all it was.  The TV was showing planes flying into buildings that were somehow in our country, the news papers would be filled with talk and pictures, and it would be on the news every chance we watched tv.  The pictures in the news paper, I think were the most real to me.

The pages upon pages upon pages devoted to them.

The one that stuck out in my mind, as an eleven year old was a fireman.  His head rested in his hands.  Tired.  With the buildings smoldering smoke.  The ones where people were walking, dazed like, holding blood soaked cloths to their heads.  The things you see in war movies – but never here – in the good old USA.

I cant honestly say, that now, nine years later,  I fully grasp everything that happened.  That I understand the depth of 9-11.  I cant honestly say that my life, has been directly effected by war.  But it would be un-American of me to say that today I dont remember the tragic happenings of 9-11.

I remember.

Even if I didnt fully understand.

{Day 11}

2 thoughts on “Eleven

  1. Matt says:

    Hmm, this reminds me of the London bombings that happened. I was actually in London at school when we heard they was happening, but we was in another school at the time and there was no one to take us back to our school apart from these parents who drove us back group by group. it was really scary for me because i was a kid and i didn’t really know what was going on, just that there was bombs going off and i was afraid i was going to die.

  2. Tina says:

    It was interesting for me to read from someone that was so young at the time and has pretty much grown up through this happening and the war that followed. We didn’t have children at the time but now I have had to explain to our oldest what happened and what it means for today.

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