When I first presented the notion that I planned to write everyday, for an entire month, my sister took it upon herself to push me to the limit, help me reach my goal and wrote a hat full of ideas.  Literally!

Thanks to her, I have no excuse NOT to write.  Why should would want me to write everyday for an entire month is beyond me.  And while I am grateful to her, I am also secretly plotting her revenge (bwahahah!).

The idea is to draw a “Topic” everyday to give me a jump start on what to write about – and thus not having an excuse to not write!  I must admit, the idea of opening tiny little pieces of paper to see what she has written on them makes me giddy to think about.

Due to her kindness, or rather, just a result of everything coming together at once, I made her a page on here.  I know, she should be eternally grateful, right?

In short – if you want to read something really worth reading, click over and you will see the few “Papers” as she calls them, she has shared with me to share with you!  Will be worth every minute of your time, I promise.

Thanks Amanda!

She does more than write too – check out her Etsy page Below (graphic and design is by her as well!):

One thought on “Giving a shout out

  1. Tina says:

    Love that she did that for you! I wrote a list of things but I like the pull it out of a hat idea! Now there really is no excuse! 🙂

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