Im back!!  I seriously missed being here for “You Capture” last week.  But the internet connection up at camp was slow.  Like dial up slow, and I got sick, so uploading pictures on dial up internet while being sick, just didn’t sound like fun.  So I passed it up.

And am back this week!  And happy to be…yay!!

So, Summer.

I really wanted to capture summer this week, but alas, what I want, and what happens don’t always meet in the middle.  Yesterday I was thinking hard about what to photograph, and really wanted to take some inner tube pictures…because summer + ocean + inner tubes = awesome.  Right?

But my sister is just getting over her cold, and my mom wasn’t to keen on us swimming tonight, but she agreed that we could go “Look” at the ocean.   I think she wondered if we would do more, but she let us anyway.

I was telling a friend who lives in California, and is experiencing heat in the triple digits, that we were having a serious heat wave here.  She looked it up, and said that our temperatures were how COOL it was in her house.  To which I corrected her, and said that our 80 and her 80 are and were two different things.  Her response?

“Well yea, because you see 80 and you all think your going to melt or something.  HEAT STROKE!”

Yea, isn’t that how it is?  I mean, no one ever told us Alaskans to expect heat waves.  Especially not HOT STICKY heat waves.

But Im not complaining.  I love the sun, and the summer, the heat stroke, dehydration and colds that come with it.  Whats not to love?

And then we found some “Itty Bitty” star fish and it was like “Oh HEY LOOK!!  Starfish!” and all common sense and logic (if there was any to begin with) went out the window…”Toss me the camera, forget about that giant wave there are STARFISH!”

And since we couldnt ride the tube, we figured some ought to.

…and fun was had by all!

(this picture makes me want to jump back into photography)

Arent they so cute?


6 thoughts on “You Capture: Summer

  1. OK, you may win for the most unusual photos. I don’t think anyone else will have starfish on an inner tube and on a person’s arm! 🙂 Great shots!

  2. Brooke G. says:

    That STARFISH!!! Those are GREAT 😀

  3. anneawesome says:

    These are some really nice photos.

  4. Kat says:

    STARFISH???? That is SO COOL! Those pictures are amazing. I want to see some starfish too! 🙂

  5. Zoe says:

    Cool! Really great photos, you can definitely see how much fun the starfish are having!

  6. tinycandi says:

    wow! those starfish photos are awesome!!

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