Orange Beauty:

Yellow focus:

Glowing good:

Have I mentioned I love flower photography?

Fearless Harley:


Angry cat:

Summer Buds:

Black on White:

I thought about not including this one, my sister took this one and I really liked it.  I dont normally like my pictures, and dont normally come out from behind the camera…but this one turned out kind of cute I thought.

Puppy love:

6 thoughts on “Weekly Winners: 07-11 – 07-17

  1. Tara R. says:

    Your lilies are beautiful.

  2. Terrie says:

    your flower shots are beautiful!

  3. hip chick says:

    Oh I really like that black on white dog picture. It’s hard to get a nice dog picture and that one came out very nice.

  4. amy2boys says:

    The flowers are wonderful. That big black dog is awesome! The black on white shot is my fave.

  5. Nise says:

    That first shot took my breath away! WOW! And Black on White is awesome. Such a handsome dog!

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