This weeks “You Capture” @ I should be folding laundry is “Love around your home” I thought a little while, trying to come up with something that represented love around here, and the only thing I could really come up with was the animals. To be quite honest, Im getting tired of always posting animal pictures…

When I originally read this weeks challenge I read it as “Love around the house” which is what I presented to my sister, when asking her for ideas. I told her what I was thinking of, and she came up with “Love around the court house” and I went with it…and then I realized it was love around the home, not house…

To be quite honest, Im not really “Feeling like loving” today either. 

And so, I hope this is ok. “Love around the court house your home”

First…a little back ground.

The next two subjects go way back.

Many many years ago, they were married.

Then divorced.

Then they moved apart, then back together.

Over the years, they have been together, and apart so many times, I have lost track. Last Monday, they decided to again, make things official, and they got married.

Before we left, I posted two pictures…asking why Parker was so upset, and what or who he was hiding from. If you read my twitter, you might have guessed that we went to his dads “Wedding” a few days before we left. Here in Alaska many things are “informal” even weddings!

Ok, so they didn’t exactly have a wedding. They went to the court house, and read their vows, and signed documents while we (Nik, my sister and I) snapped photos.

One thing I didn’t know, and no one bothered to tell me, was that pictures inside the court house, arent aloud. And so as we stood there, overly giddy, snapping pictures and laughing, when a bald man walked up. Stood there a few minutes, and while I contemplated asking if he wanted HIS picture taken, he said “Sir, there are no pictures aloud in the court house” and walked off.

At first, I was greatly offended. “Sir??” But then I realized that Parkers dad has HIS camera, and most likely, he was talking to him. Not me. Or maybe he was talking to Nik, we cant be for sure. Either way, we had to wait until we were inside the actual room, before picture taking was aloud, and while they read their vows, thought about things, and signed the documents, we were there to capture the moments.

Oh yea, and Parker? Was there too.

He wasn’t being very cooperative, and didn’t want his picture taken. He wouldn’t hold still, wouldn’t pose, and pretty much ran and hid every time I tried to get his picture. I don’t know why he was upset looking. But we figure it was because he was disgusted with the whole marriage thing.

Without any further introduction I bring to you, “Niks First wedding” I mean, “Love around the court house your home”

Let the “Wedding” begin!
“Do you take her to be your wife, to love honor and cherish ’till death do you part?”
…he thought a while…

After all, it had been awhile since they were last married.


“I do” 

“You may now kiss the bride”
“I now pronounce you, man and woman wife”


Finalizing it all…

 The best Man:

2 thoughts on “You Capture: Love around your home

  1. Colleen says:

    I loved the story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa says:

    Great story. I like the picture of the kiss, funny how they both have their arms at their sides.

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