I have so many, many things to say. Both good and bad. Some exciting, some not.

I have so many words piled up in my head, that it really isn’t funny.  I have a few post already written (in my head, of course) that Im pretty pumped about. 

But I also have a desk full of papers, grease heavily smeared on a lot of things, and the floor, oh the floor.

We slept a good 12 hours last night, but Im still exhausted. A whole new meaning to “Jet Leg” has been given.

It was a full trip. While there were moments of intense sadness and anger, there were also moments of pure bliss and freedom. All things I hope to write about soon.

But for now, I must go disinfect the coffee pot, clean off the telephone, print off some crazy tax form that I know little to nothing about, book tickets for our next trip, and write an email that I don’t know how to write!

When Im done, I will be back, with stories, and pictures, and, and, and…

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