I totally forgot today was Thursday, I mean, I KNEW it was Thursday, because, duh its Thursday, but I forgot that today was “You Capture – year in review” over at Beths – I should be folding laundry. I finished this post this weekend and am glad I did, because I havent been able to focus on anything other than, well, *stuff*. With Trina…and my parents issues, and what not…But this morning (afternoon) when I looked over my post, I wasnt happy with the way it was…but its Thursday, and I dont have time (or patience, motivation, or anything else for that matter) and so I will just stick with what I came up with last week…



We had a lot of snow.  Nik took a lot of pictures this month, a lot of which arent worth reposting!!


We took our first family vacation in who knows how long – we went to Arizona and California to get away from the snow we had been fighting the past few months…and welcomed the sun and heat. My dad celebrated his birthday a few days after we got home.


We took off for our first road trip of the year.  We took our dog with us – for the first time.


We returned from our trip.  I turned 19.


Was a beautiful month here full of sun, sun and more sun.  We spent a majority of these new few months outside swimming in the ocean, and taking walks.  The tourist returned.  Summer began.

June / July:

In June My sister turned 21, we left for another road trip.  Leaving at the last minute in the night.  My mom celebrated her birthday on the road. 


 We went to Nevada, spent a day in the middle of nowhere in 120 degree weather, got a sun tan in a day.  I got kicked out of a casino, my sister won $20.  We spent some time on the Oregon Coast and saw some AWESOME sunsets.We returned from our road trip after mixing our days up and accidentally extending our trip by another two days.  We spent the 4th on the Ferry. 


Not much happened in August.  The sun started to go away, and we began preparing for “Fall.”  We went fishing a few times, and watched our pastors dog.





What can I say about December?  We spent a majority of the month preparing for a holiday that didnt seem like it was.  We shopped, baked, packed, wrapped, rushed, and hurried about.  Christmas came and went.

New Years Eve:

We spent at home, watching lame movies, set out our luminaries…and as the New Year came into full view, we stood out on our back porch and banged our pans as loud as we could while yelling in the:

5 thoughts on “You Capture – Year in review

  1. Thanks for your comment! You’ve got some really beautiful pictures here. What kind of camera do you have?

  2. quiltworks says:

    I like your selections. Your night time photos are my favorite

    … Under the rainbow

  3. What a wonderful year you have had : ) I loved going on all of your adventures with you! What was your favorite place to visit? I have always wanted to visit California!

  4. fallingleaves19705 says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Charity: Thanks 🙂 I have a Nikon D40…

    Under the rainbow: Thanks 🙂 The night ones were some of my favorites too…!

    Life with Kaishon: Thanks 🙂 I hope you enjoyed you “Trip” with us! Id have to say my favorite place we went this year was to Arizona (It rained in California…) but every place was nice for a different reason.

  5. tinycandi says:

    SO cool that you set it up as a collage for each month. i pretty much just listed a whole bunch of pictures in my post…which made for a lengthy and picture-heavy post. so you had a very good idea! looks like 2009 was a pretty good year…i hope 2010 is even better!

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