I havent ever tracked how far things have come, but today when I signed in to put the finishing touches on this post, I realized that this will be the 100th post on here. Now how many of those should have actually been published, is beside the point!!
I wrote about our adventures this Christmas season, even though it really didn’t feel like Christmas to any of us, we did our best, and tried to keep focus on what the real reason of this Holiday season was.
I didnt, however, post any pictures of this grand adventure…and so without any further rambling…
I know I posted this picture already, but it seems to set the sceen…

The little town of Ketchikan


Cooking Fun:

The best peppermint fudge, Ever.  Seriously.  The hardest part was waiting for it to harden.

Peppermint bark:

Chirstmas Eve:

Told you we had to “Trim” the tree!!

All trimmed out!


Tomcat LOVES Christmas, I think he just likes being the center of attention!

Odo…not so much.  She kept an eye on the chaos from a safe distance…!

Amanda had tried out a new painting style, and framed some for mom…mom was a bit skeptical over them at first…

She seemed more at ease with this car that our four year old cousin had painted – go figure

Dad wasnt the least bit skeptical over the box of chocolates he received…

The one present that made it in the mail in time for Christmas.  Respectively, “To Capn”

 I got a little tired of waiting, and decided to help Nik out a bit..

Hey look!  A sweet new lens for Nik!  Think he will share?

Dont worry Tomcat is a good sport and is used to this kind of “Abuse.”  He actually enjoys it!


Note the center of attention!

Attack of the silly string!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas…and remembers the real reason to celebrate!

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