Earlier in December, our town became “famous” for a whale that was making its presence known by bubble feeding next to the docks. He became so famous, in fact, that people started a “Phoenix Whale Spotting” group on Facebook for those wondering about his current whereabouts. Even a whale can be stalked! I’ve lived here my entire life and have seen a whale bubble feed exactly once. It was an AMAZING experience and one that I hoped to share with Andrew while he was here.

We stopped in at the docks every time we were in town in hopes of seeing him…but the closest we came was seeing him a fare distance out.

One evening when stalking Phoenix’s page, I stumbled upon this gem:

Because yep. That’s us. Looking for the whale. Most likely debating what the proper name of a meal is called.

At first, I was embarrassed. And, if I’m going to be honest, I was slightly horrified. My only saving grace was that no one appeared to know it was me. I sent the picture to my sister who was ECSTATIC and contacted the photographer to out us. She also set up an engagement photo-shoot. Andrew was only going to be in town for another couple days, the weather was looking crappy and things weren’t looking good…until one morning I got a message asking if we could be ready in a few hours.

It made for a fun little story…and so far, it seems to fit our story…where nothing goes according to plan and isn’t very…ordinary. We are nothing if not original!

Insert: Our engagement shoot.

Here are a few of the highlights.

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