Day seven.

Well, we made it to Friday. Does it matter? I’m not really sure anymore!

But we made it. One week is in the books. So. I guess it counts.

I haven’t been to Coast Guard Beach since I was probably six. The only thing I remember about it was on our back -someone got stung by a bee. And then I was tasked with carrying the pink coat -which in my mind, was the reason behind the bee sting. It was a very long walk back knowing that at any minute I could be taken down by the bee.

There were no bees today. Just me and this one:

This trail must be more popular than the others, while we only crossed paths with two other people -Yoshi stopped and smelled just about EVERYTHING.

These views make it hard to believe we were on our way to the beach.

But we did. And there isn’t much that Yoshi loves more than a good beach.

Guess I can’t blame her too much. I like a good beach too.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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