I tend to do weird things in my sleep -some people sleep walk, some sleep talk -others simply sleep. Me? I don’t even know what I’d call it -the closest I can come to explaining it is “Sleep interacting.” Basically, I will have a dream -and at some point in that dream, I will wake up and start to interact with it. Anything from thinking there are people/spiders/aliens in my room -to strangling my alarm to kicking over the heater because I thought the little red light was an alarm for a bomb.

One time there were even sheep on my bed. I kicked those sheep trying to get them to leave -they never did leave. Spoiler alert: It was Yoshi. Not sheep.

I used to share a bedroom with my sister -and would randomly wake her up saying there was someone in the room. Thankfully all it generally takes is for someone to say “No there’s not” for me to realize I was just dreaming -but since she has moved away, it’s just me in the room -and no one to tell me other. Which means that I can go on for quite some time.

All that is to say -I do weird stuff in my sleep. From talking to yelling to interacting -you name it, I do it. I make for an interesting roommate. Ahem.

The other night however, I took things to a new level.

After a long, busy day -I came home and headed for my laptop…but it wasn’t where I last remembered having it.

I checked under the bed, I checked my bag, the table -but it was gone. I started to wonder if maybe we had been robbed -because who doesn’t want an ancient laptop that doesn’t work? But nothing else was gone -so I ruled that out. Except there was a nagging feeling in the back of my mind.

Which is when it hit me: We HAD been robbed!

At some point in the night, in my dreams, we were being robbed. There was also a fire. But it didn’t seem to be that big of a deal -considering there was a robbery in progress!

I remember this because I woke up -and in a groggy, sleep induced state -rounded up a few of my favorite belongings and put them in a safe place, which just so happened to be the closet. With my plastic tote of “Keepsakes.” I closed the door, stumbled back to bed and went back to sleep -because that is what you do when you a robbery is in progress. And there is a fire.

I ran to the closet -and sure enough: there was my laptop. Along with my journals. And two pairs of socks. Because I’m nothing without socks.

It’s no wonder I’m always tired in the morning!

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