A few years ago I signed mom and I up for a “ladies night” kayaking paddle.  We had a blast and has left me wanting to go again and again.  Things have never lined up for us tho, and we haven’t been back until last night.

When we started putting together a list of thing to do this summer while Amanda and her family were in town we knew that kayaking had to be done.  David didn’t seem convinced about going -so we went forward with booking the ladies night paddle again.

It was as much fun as I remember…we spent two hours out there -and it only seemed like 15 minutes max.


Our new attire.



This Alaska.  This is something I will never grow tired of.


It was fun to get out and get a fresh perspective.  Ketchikan always seems more manageable from the ocean.



We went under the bridge and had a quick paddle around Creek Street.



Made it back safely.  No one flipped over -bonus!


Here is to another fun time kayaking -and many more to come!

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