A lot has happened in the past few months, including the fact that we packed up and headed across ‘the pond’ to see…Amanda and crew! We were in England for a week, then yesterday we packed up again and headed to…Italy for a week vacation as a family.

Try not to be confused by the small details –the bottom line is that we are in Italy –that is all that really matters!

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach. Turns out the only beach within walking distance is a paying beach –but that’s ok. We had planned to go, packed everything (and everyone) up and walked down…we went around the gate and found ourselves a perfect spot to sit –and then went off to search for chairs. Which is when we realized we had to pay to be ON the beach as well as for chairs and umbrellas. Oh well…

We had a great time swimming and playing in the sand.

And we are off…

DSC_04112(dad’s picture)

The beach!  The beach!  We see the beach!




A bunch of us swam from the beach to the orange buoys out there -it didn’t seem that far from the beach, but once we got higher we realized just how far it was!  I was impressed with us!

DSC_0414Someone was busy (extremely busy) building and ‘working’ in the sand.


…and of course the cutest niece, ever!


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