These two ran away this morning.  They were gone for about two hours.  It was raining.  They are known to sneak off for five or ten minutes -but they are usually next door making friends.  Today they were just gone.  Gone!  We walked and drove up and down the road yelling and calling -and nothing.


This one came home with a bag of salmon.  A bag of salmon that was vacuum sealed and frozen at one point.  A bag of king salmon.


This one came home about twenty minutes later.  With no salmon.  Just a funky smell.


This one was really worried when they were gone.


They had some buddy bonding time after I got over being mad at them for making me yell for them in the rain for two hours.  I don’t have a lot of sympathy for dogs who run away from their nice warm homes with plenty of food and lots of toys.  But since I am only puppy-sitting Siren, I kind of had to find her.


At least they are cute!


Just can’t stay mad at that face!

DSC_0373Or that one!


Or that one for that matter!

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