Had an awesomely long day today! The highlight of the day was seeing the Koalas! And the beaches!  Always the beaches!  After not seeing the coast for quite a few days, we were all pretty excited to see the beach again.

We stopped at the Phillip Island Koala Conservation because we wanted to see koalas and we weren’t sure if we would get to see them in the wild or not.  We weren’t disappointed.

Once we got on the road, we hit some crazy traffic.

We came up over a hill, and the seemingly quiet road turned into a 5 lane road –that’s 5 lanes each way! I’m used to driving on roads that have one lane going each way, two max. So five lanes was something else. But that wasn’t even the best part…we hit rush hour traffic downtown Melbourne. That. Was something else.

Our GPS quit working right in the middle of it all, because the tall buildings threw the signal off!

It was a wild ride, but we survived, and arrived at our destination mostly unscathed.

Now for the pictures…
















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