Christmas and I have never gotten along.  I have countless posts on how my best plans have been thwarted by the hustle and bustle about.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Christmas time.  I love the smells.  I love the cookies.  I love the plays, the singing, and most times, the people.  I really love the reason behind Christmas.  I love giving gifts to people, and getting that reaction you hoped for.  I love all of it.  I love wrapping it all up in a neat package and putting a bow on it….but rarely, or ever, I should say – has that happened.

You see, a long time ago – I agreed to disagree with the perfect Christmas.  You know: The one with a nice layer of snow, matching outfits, sipping coco by the tree, with smells of cinnamon.  Yea.  Not that I ever wanted that picture perfect Christmas, its just that me and shopping have never gotten along that well.  I always (ALWAYS!) have some sort of a mishap with a gift.  Last year I got an olive green curtain panel to gift someone.  I mean, I didn’t ORDER that, it just came.  As a replacement.  For the item I had ordered.  Which was not window related.  Or olive green.  You can read that story here: And They Call This Fun!?

Another year I searched high and low for the perfect coffee cup for my sister.  I finally found one I liked, forked out the extra money, and waited.  Two weeks later it showed up.  It wasn’t a coffee mug.  But rather a giant bowl.  With a handle.

I could go on and on about my mishaps.  But lets just say I try, but it rarely works out.

Since shopping and I don’t get along – I rarely get the gifts I was looking to give, and rarely get the reaction I was looking for.  I mean, what can I expect really – gifting curtain panels, and giant bowls, after all.

This year, the bug has bitten me early.  I tried, desperately to ward it off.  I ignored.  I looked the other way.  I all but closed my mind to the idea.  But the harder I tried, the more it pushed.  And before I knew it I was off riding the wagon down Christmas alley.  I tried to hang on for thanksgiving.  I really did.  I don’t listen to Christmas songs until the day after.  Don’t decorate until the day after.  Don’t give it ANY THOUGHT until the day before.

But this year?  Oh this year.

This year I have ALL THE PLANS to do ALL THE THINGS.

I have already ordered our Christmas card.  I have already scoured Pinterest, and pinned all the things.  I have ideas that are bursting with glitter and bows and ribbon – and quite frankly, I’m worried.

You see, last year I tried to do much of the same things.  I had a few simple ideas, that I thought I could make work.  Anyone remember what happened?  Lets recap:

Aside from the curtain panel, we had this gem:

santamix8You can read more on that disaster here: An Epic Fail (and other short stories)!

I apparently, cannot melt chocolate to save my life.

This year?  I have GREAT plans.  To do ALL the things, yet again.  I have lists.  Oh the lists.  I have ideas, and bows, and scents, and candles, and thoughts, and plans, and people, and and and and….

Like I said, I am quite frankly – worried.  It could go one of two ways:

The traditional way – where everything ends up a mess, and on Christmas eve I am left with an un-melted bowl of chocolate, ½ trimmed tree, unbaked cookies, and gifts that are unwrapped, unfitting, and a disaster that makes us laugh the following year.

Or, the Non-Traditional way – Things could actually go as planned.

I’m betting on traditional.  Since there is nothing like a good tradition.

What traditions do YOU have?  Can you melt chocolate?  Have you started shopping?

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