blue bells, poppy fields, orange picking, boat rides, sandy beaches

Greece, the park, bubble blowing, playing with the hose, puddle jumping

bath bombs, robots, books, flowers, markers, birthdays, cake, bees, cat sitting,

garden planting, getting sick, bike rides, forest trails, cafe Nero, bus rides,

strawberry picking, duck watching, lightning storms, peppa pig, curious George,

movie night, games, blue skies, green trees, bare feet, late nights, milk shakes,

London, shopping trips, pizza making, cookie baking, trampoline jumping, laughing,

curfew, free coffee, Germany, seasons, movies, solving the world’s problems, talking,

trains, car rides, the beach, castles, old churches, storms, Croydon, dreaming,

hoping, plotting, planning, wake up calls, monsters, spiders, red carpet, green couch,

ice cream, finding familiar faces in a crowd, wave jumping, foreign lands, crazy rides,

lazy afternoons, busy weekends, writing, reading, having someone to get angry with,

talking, learning, toy stores, making friends, meeting people, new experiences, joking,

late night skits in the kitchen, tunnels, cards, cars, ice cream, pizza, bubbles


These past few months have been nothing short of an adventure that went by way too fast. It sucks to say goodbye, no matter how short the time may be for, it always does. But five months later, with the boarder questioning my ‘visit’ I am heading back. Back to a world where cars drive on the ‘correct’ side of the road, where trains don’t exist, and people speak with an accent similar to my own.

Somewhere, deep down, I am nervous and excited. Sad and happy. Scared, yet curious.   Heading home. After five months of being gone…

Good-bye England.  Good-bye Europe.

Hello America.

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