Now that my time here is wrapping up, I’m finding myself looking back over the old pictures and sub-sequential memories that were made over the past four months.  Even though I documented much of my trip either here, in my journal or by picture – I still feel as though so much is lost in time.  Because it’s impossible to remember everything!

Back in April after we returned from Portugal (during the end of moms stay, and the rest of dads trip) we made the most of the time we had, and hit up a lot of the sites here.  Here is one particular day when we went to Hever Castle.

Upon our arrival, we sat down to have lunch and we were joined by a giant goose.  Duck.  Swan.  Whatever.  Giant white bird.



If I remember right – he tried stealing our lunch and got very upset when we didn’t give him as much as he wanted.

DSC_0202Hever castle:


We were excited about the moat…

DSC_0230Mom and Amanda:

DSC_0226The girlz:


{People are constantly asking Amanda and I if we are twins – we are constantly baffled by this fact since neither of us sees how they could possible ask this question.  Unfortunately, we ended up with some similar looking shirts.  When we came through the boarder in Portugal – we were both wearing the same sweater, and the boarder lady was having a difficult time telling us apart.}



Some flowers from the garden(s) that stretched on for miles!






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