Today we ended up in London for the afternoon and attempted to hit up three different markets. London on a Saturday is busy. London markets on a Saturday are even busier! I was really wishing I were a few feet taller – because all I could see (and take pictures of) were people. People, people everywhere!

But then we hopped a ride on a double-decker bus, and had a birds eye view!


For all you skeptics out there who don’t believe that double-decker buses still exist (I had a customer argue with me once about their existence) here is proof they are alive and well!


Because of all the people, we didn’t stay in the markets too long, and I didn’t get too many pictures.


Then there was this handsome fella, who did his best to avoid the camera – until he struck a pose with a tree…


And even though he flat out refused to look at the camera, he was still cute.


While normal people were taking pictures of the palace and gold statues, and ducks and everything else – I was busy spinning around getting myself dizzy…

DSC_0896Speaking of ducks…


Someone was not too happy about having to turn his attention from the ducks, and get a picture taken with auntie.


I briefly looked away from the ducks to get a few pictures of the surroundings.


Then we hit up London bridge – because SOMEONE had it stuck in his mind that he had to paint it today.  His look says it all.


He alternated between saying ‘cheese’ and ‘painting!’ – whatever works.  He got to paint, and I got a picture of him actually looking my direction – and bonus for both his parents making it into the frame, success, no?


And then we went home.  Because duck watching, spinning, market hunting, bus riding and painting makes for a long, but fun, day.  Good-Bye, London!


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