This particular day Amanda and I biked to another little town.  It wasn’t that far – but it was the first time Amanda (and well, I too) had biked somewhere without the navigational skills of David!  She even managed to show me around all three ponds, while biking with Mr. Judah!


Mom says ducks make her happy.  So here are two ducks.  Twice the happy!


There were nice green trails surrounding all of the duck ponds.  Perfect for biking!


Or, you know, running like a big boy.


One of the three ponds


Possibly the same pond….


We were feeling rather smug that we had made it all that way.


We also brought along all of Nik’s lenses since I wanted the bigger one, and Amanda wanted to use the composer.  I admit it does take some pretty cool shots!

DSC_0485Swan lake?


And because no day is complete without at least one shot of some flowers.


We headed back to the pub for a juice drink before making our way home…Good-bye Godstone!


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