14. The fact that the internet was out for a better part of the week forced me to pick up my camera more than I have been.  I guess, tho, each week is not complete without a missing photo.

15. Monkey socks make everything better.


16. He thought it was hilarious to wear my shoes.  They were a bit big – but cute none the less.


17. The birthday balloon that almost wasn’t.  The story goes something like this: Get free balloon.  Balloon flies away.  Tears.  Many many tears.  Purchase expensive new balloon to replace the free lost one.  Think its at least worth a picture.


18. So many storms this week.  Dark clouds.  Thunder.  Lightning.  A post will soon follow on how we fared.  Or, you know, didn’t.


19. A secret passage way, perhaps?


20. Moments after I picked these flowers – they wilted up and practically died.  I guess that just proves I cant keep any flower alive!


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