This project has turned into a “picture every other day” sort of thing instead of a picture every day.  The problem being that the places we have gone this week arent exactly the kinds of places you want to haul a big camera around at.  But for what its worth, here are this past weeks highlights.

08: We made it to church.  I brought Nik with me.  It was a beautiful sunny day that threw my settings off.  I attempted to work things out to no avail.  This is the best I got.



10: Another beautiful day.  I brought Nik to town with the main purpose being to capture these beauties on the way home.


11: These flowers are a favorite of bees here.  Every time you walk by there must be a dozen or so.  We went for a late night walk – and with the sun fading I attempted to get pictures of them.  A little blurry, but pretty still.


13: Nan brought Amanda some flowers for her birthday.  We messed around with white spaces and bright flowers.


14: We spent the day at the carnival for Amanda’s birthday.  Again, not the place to bring a big camera so I had to settle for this picture.


15: Party time!


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