Ive failed big time at keeping up these past few weeks.  A majority of it was a week long stomach flu that wiped us all out here.  Needless to say these past few weeks have more holes than swiss cheese…but for what its worth:







1, 2 skip a few….

5.  Amanda and I both got sick.  The same day.  The same time.  The same symptoms.  Its probably good, because it wiped us both out for about a week.  If we had both gotten sick separately, it would have been a good two weeks before we left the house.  After said illness, we had to call in the hazmat team to clean up for us (Joking.  Mostly.)



This week hopefully will be better.  With sun in the forecast, and everyone having been sick and recovered for the most part – we can hope.

One thought on “Week 23/24

  1. RoSy says:

    Well – that’s no fun. Glad that you are both feeling better now.
    Nice photos.
    Love #29
    & LOL on #5 😆

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