Yesterday we booked a boat tour to go see the rocks and caves from the water side.  We dont normally book tours when we travel places but for some reason we all decided (randomly) that this would be worth it.  And we werent disappointed!  It was a one hour tour, in and out of different caves – and was really decently priced as well.


Of course, any day that starts off with ice cream is bound to be a good day!


All buckled in ready to go!



We saw the beaches we were on yesterday – from the opposite side.  It was pretty neat.





Family photo (sans mum who was hidden behind someone apparently).


Captain Judah!  We then circled around and raced back into town.  Was a great time on the water.


We spent the next bit of time exploring the town.


Judah’s great nanny has been to Portugal before – and she bought a similar dancing donkey when she was here.  Amanda and Judah were pretty excited to see them for sale again .


Aunty Chir and Judah!


Someone was tuckered out from all the fun and excitement of the day and fell asleep on the way home.  Once we got back some of us napped – and others jumped in the pool to cool off.  Was another fun day.

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