We are on a family vacation in Portugal.  Its fun, but there are so many dynamics that sometimes…it gets a bit…too fun.  There are so many relationships going on at once, that it gets fuzzy at times.  Its different than the trips we take when there are just a few going on.  Different, yet fun.


Its hard to believe that we just got here yesterday.  After flying for 12 hours, we slept for a few, got up and did it all over again.  Different flight, different location.  Different cast of characters.  We were up at 2am to catch our flight.  Taxied here, checked into our apartment, and then went in search of food.


Finding food in a foreign land, where everything is labeled differently, looks different and feels different – its always fun to try and find food that 1. Everyone will eat 2. Isnt expensive and 3. Actually edible!  But we managed.  After that short excursion we all more or less freaked out because 1. We couldnt see the beach 2. The cab ride was too expensive.  After a short walk we discovered the beach was a short distance away – despite the story we had been given from the cab driver.


This morning (Some of us) got up and spent the morning at the pool.  It was colder, and rain was threatening to fall.  But instead of hiding out inside (like most of the locals probably did) we jumped into the pool (which was cold) and then headed to the beach.  Once we got there, the sun poked out and it turned into a beautiful day.


There was a lot of adventures to be had on the beach:


Wave jumping,


sand throwing,


hot doing eating adventures.


Adventures in being a family, in a foreign land.



One thought on “Portgual Day 1 and 2

  1. RoSy says:

    Awesome! Enjoy your trip. Most of all – enjoy your time together. 🙂

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