Monday – While many people are still being covered in snow (sorry) we are in the full swing of spring.  Which, for us, means rain.  Lots and lots of rain.


Tuesday – I picked some daffodils from our garden.  They werent open when I picked them – but it sure didnt take them long!


Wednesday – Daffodils have always been one of those flowers that I have found to be difficult to photograph.  I love photographing flowers, but something about the daffodil.  I spend every spring taking millions of pictures and then they die off and I vow to try again next year.  I think this is the first picture that I have taken of a daffodil that I like.


Thursday – This.  Is Jazzy.


Friday – And this.  Is Nigel.  I might talk more about them later, but right now Im counting the minutes down until they go home.  It has been a very long two weeks.  Just sayin.


Saturday – I wanted a picture of Yoshi – Because its going to be awhile before I see her again, and Im kind of going to miss my scooby.  She, obviously, wasnt feeling the same way.


Also?  We leave tomorrow – Next weeks pictures will probably have a whole different look to them.

One thought on “Week 17: The one with the flower

  1. RoSy says:

    Spring, Flowers & Dogs = Great Post! 🙂

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