1. Monday – Cute cards I found and challenged myself to write in and send – in one week.  Accomplished!  Woo hoo!


2. Tuesday – Was so cold.  Coffee was a life saver.  As it is most days.  Oh, coffee.


3. Wednesday – The reason I was cold?  I was getting a cold.  Figures.  I usually am pretty routine with my colds.  Starts with a sore throat, then gradually gets worse.  Not this time.  I battled a ‘weird’ throat for about 2 days, and then went full fledged, over the top, sick.  Sore throat, head cold, stomach flu all rolled up into one neat package.


4. Thursday – Still holding out hope for Spring!  And feeling especially lazy, not knowing that the full brunt of the ‘cold’ was about to hit.


5. Friday – By Friday I was done.  I took a three hour nap, went to bed at 10, and slept until noon the following day.  Yoshi was worried.  Mainly that I was napping before dinner.  She spent the entire nap snuggled right up next to me, nose in my face as if to say “Ummm…You forgot the food.”


6. Saturday – After sleeping so much of my ‘valuable hours’ away – I work best in the late hours at night so missing out on that time Friday really did me in – I was racing to catch my tail, only to discover we LOST an hour!

87. Today – Poor girl had a long and exhausting day.  Oh Yoshi, you are too much sometimes.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 10: Where did it go?

  1. RoSy says:

    I look forward to your updates. I love this new way that you’ve been presenting your days! 🙂

    1. CJ says:

      Aw Thanks! I’ve been trying to keep up with a 365 project 🙂

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