1. Monday – Eva showed up, and Siren went home.  Eva goes home today, and we will be back to one dog for a while – until Siren comes back.

12. Tuesday – Still working on studying for my test.  Me and tests just do not get along.  Its almost as bad as math.  A math test I think would just about do me in.


3. Wednesday – Everyone, everywhere is sick!  But this particular day a customer walked in, announced he was deathly ill and that we should “stand back.”  He then turned my direction and coughed.  I covered everything he touched or came near, in Lysol and hoped it was true to its word.


4. Thursday – The cactus buds are still hanging on.  No sign of a flower in nearly a week.


5. Friday – Another sunny day, with blue skies and cold temperatures.  Its ok, I will take the cold.  As long as there is no snow.


6. Saturday – Frost and green.  Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas….


7. Sunday – Finally the flowers have bloomed!  Now Im wondering, is it really February or is it December?  Maybe we had it all wrong – maybe its not a Christmas cactus, but instead a Valentines day cactus!


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 6

  1. RoSy says:

    What a beautiful dog!
    Good luck on your test. The answers are already in your head. 😉

    1. CJ Harman says:

      Thats the problem – the answers stay in my head safely tucked away, when I need them! 🙂

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