Monday: Peek-a-boo Eva came to spend a few days with us, adding to the flurry of dogs.


Tuesday: Early or late, our Christmas cactus finally started to get some buds on it.


Wednesday: I completed a 7 hour (yes, 7 HOURS.  7 LONG hours.) long battle with numbers.  In which the numbers won, multiple times.  I eventually came out ontop, however.


Thursday: Miss Siren (and everyone else) has been enjoying the sunny weather we have been having.


Friday: Siren was all like “Good-Bye week!”


Saturday: I dont care what anyone says – this is still one of the best views, ever.  People pay millions to live in a house to see this view everyday.  I think its awesome that I get to enjoy it, daily, for free!  This picture, believe it or not, taught me a lot.  Maybe I will touch on that this week.


Sunday: This is the extent of my super bowl participation.  99% of the town is rooting for Seahawks, so why not, here is a Seahawks color themed photo.


How was your week?  What team are YOU going for?

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