This week has been wild and fast.

1. Monday – Assuming it was going to be a slow week, I set out to paint.  Eventually I got time to paint one wall – and a customer walked in and touched it.  Been that kind of week!


2. Tuesday – Puppy love, Siren showed up with a broken leg and a fancy pink cast with purple hearts.


3. Wednesday – Puppy love apparently, did not like her fancy new pink cast with purple hearts.  Because Wednesday morning I woke up to find she had chewed through it!  She got a new cast and a prescription to wear this blue cone.


4. Thursday – Instead of pink with purple hearts, she got green.  With “No Chewing” printed on it.  Fitting.  So far?  No chewing!  Maybe no one told her before?


5. Friday I decided to break out and do something different.  I found this spider web and light shining through the trees to be so pretty.  Not the picture, the actual thing.


6. Saturday – Friday night the internet crashed.  Saturday morning, it was still down.  Infact, it was down until this afternoon when dad fixed it.  YAY for internet!  Oh and Yoshi got a new collar.  She likes it, and it likes her.


7. Sunday (Hi Today!) Yoshi & Siren.  I have been so happy with how they have acted with each other.  Last summer we had many fights and war wounds.  So far they have conducted themselves like the little maniacs they are – without drawing any blood.



One thought on “Another Week Down

  1. RoSy says:

    What a week…
    Love the last photo!

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