When David was preparing to make his trip here, our friend and neighbor helped Amanda and I come up with a list of “Entertainment” ideas.  I guess we were afraid of running out of things to do.  Oddly enough, I think we managed to do one thing on this list.  Of course, many of the things were summer related items – and it WAS the middle of winter, so swimming etc would be out.

But for what its worth, I thought it was funny.  And obviously, we planned on doing a lot of sugar eating.  Which shouldn’t have surprised David too much – since he is acutely aware of our love for candy.

1. Big Bang Theory (This was one of our current TV shows that we were obsessed with, and figured we would introduce him to it as well)
2. Kayaking (Because all guests need to be strapped to a tiny piece of plastic and thrown into the water.)
3. Deer Mountain (Because why not hike one of the biggest mountains in town?)
4. Ice cream shop (Because who doesn’t love them some ice cream.  Pretty sure we planned to do this more than once, and Im actually surprised to see it only made the list once, seeing as there were three of us)
5. Ketchi-Candies (See?  Candy.)
6. Rent-A-Boat or Boating (Not sure what rent-a-boat is, but thinking we wanted to go on the water.  Again.  In the middle of winter.)
7. Brown Mountain (After scaling the second tallest mountain in town, its only natural to scale the tallest one too!)
8. Zip line (And zip line while were at it.  Because we Americans.  We live on the edge.)
9. Cookies (Because yum?  I assume we were going to school him on the proper way to make cookies.  Since over in England you would call a real cookie, a “biscuit.” )
10. Ward lake (Because why wouldn’t you want to walk around a lake during salmon spawning season.  Its an Alaskan right of passage.)
11. Beach(es) & Bonfire & Marshmallows (Because more sugar!)
12. Piano & Guitar (a.k.a. musical skills) (No idea what we were planning here.  A talent show of sorts?)
13. Make Jewelry (So we could get rich, and afford all these awesome things.  Obviously.)
14. Air Hugs (Much preferred over, real hugs.)
15. Drawing & Painting (Because nothing says therapeutic like crayons and paper!)
16. Weeding (Because who doesn’t like to weed?)
17. Swimming in Oceans and Lakes (Can we say polar plunge?)
18. ASMTAS  ASAP (as many tours as possible) (And Im really glad we decided to decode that, because I have no idea what those letters would have stood for.)
19. Star Gazing (Because he might not see the same stars as we do over in England.)
20. Church (Because this needs to be on the list so we can atleast cross something off)
21. Dog Training (Step one: Find dog.  Step two: Train dog.  Step three: Eat candy.)
22. Redecorate the Shop in ENGLISH Theme (Because it would just be SO DARN FUNNY!)
23. Make Scrapbooks and Cards (Oh you know, just another afternoon project, making scrapbooks, with an S)
24. Set up Joint Booth at Mall (Because we need more money, yo!)
25. Photography (Just for kicks and giggles, of course)
26. Prank Phone Calls (no accents!) (Because we are so not childish.)
27. People Watching (Showing our old side or plumb out of money – one will never be certain.)
28. Star Trek – just one – American right to freedom! (Which was not going to happen.)
29. Wake up Girls @ 6AM Saturday morning! (And most certainly, was not going to happen.)

And there you have it.  A master list of “Fun things to do” should you ever happen to make it to this side of the country, or world.

One thought on “A Master Plan

  1. RoSy says:

    That’s quite a list!

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