We rang in the new year in a few different ways this year. The first round was about 3pm, when the clock and calendar turned over in England. Then again when the clock struck midnight and I wasn’t paying attention until I heard fireworks and joined in with my own version – a cooking pot lid, and knife to be exact.

This morning while talking to mom she asked about new years resolutions. She has a couple really good ones, and I want to…its just…that every time I make one, I break it, and then feel bad about starting it. And then don’t follow through because I want to forget I started it. Even as I try to make some goals somewhere in the back of my mind I hear the small voice that “You wont finish…you will fall flat in about a month. Or week.” And while its probably true? I still might try. Maybe. Just for the fun of it. Perhaps.

I started thinking about the things I want to accomplish this year. And while I don’t have a whole lot of things on my list, there are a few small things that I would like to see happen. Maybe they will, maybe they wont. But it wont be the end of the world for sure. Recap of 2013? Its hard! Because there are so many moments in 2013 I want to carry over, and the fact that it can be the end of one year, and the start of the next in the matter of seconds just doesn’t seem to make sense to my small pea sized mind. But alas.

Figuring I needed SOMETHING to close the year out on, I went back to my trusty stats to see what people liked the most this year. And funny enough the most popular posts were from 2011, and 2012. Nothing from 2013. So maybe this year wasn’t great for blogging. But boy was it great for memories.

The favorite post still seems to be one I wrote back in 2011, and I kind of already knew that – it seems everyone at some point has clicked it. And that’s ok. Because its kind of one of my favorites too. I reference it in my mind every so often, and use it to build on in moments of frustration. Its still something I struggle to understand and completely “Know.” Its something that has stuck with me through the past few years.

Just this last week in church our pastor said something that made it all make sense. And while Im not quoting him exactly, because I don’t remember how exactly he said it – he basically just made the point that we cant be saved – if we have nothing to be saved from. If we don’t believe we are sinners, then how are we supposed to see our need for a savior? And if we keep telling kids that you just need to accept Jesus and everything will be ok – then they arent going to have a lasting relationship.

And its true.

Sometimes I think that I get to thinking that because I am saved, I don’t have a need anymore. I can do it myself. And every once and a while I am reminded, that no I cant. And yes I do have a need. A great need.

While I don’t have any great big goals this year of winning the lottery, or ending world hunger…I think this year, instead of brief moments of remembering, and realizing – I want to remember year round.  I want to remember my need for a Savior.  When I think about it, there isnt a little voice in the back of my mind saying “You will mess this up” and maybe thats because I already know I HAVE messed this up.  Which makes it all that much better.  Because no matter how much I mess up, its ok.

I want to stop and remember that those days that suck are just brief moments, and the days that are awesome – are just brief moments as well.This year has went so fast, its almost scary.  Time has literally flown by, and the pages of the calendar have just peeled off.

Its time to reprioritize.

Happy New Year, and Hello 2014.


And here is to making some more great memories.

One thought on “Hello 2014

  1. RoSy says:

    Hap, hap, happy 2014! 🙂

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