Three days ago, Amanda left.  And with her she took David and Mr JD and also mom.

I guess you can say its been quiet around here, and in the past two days I have gotten all my paper work done, the office cleaned and redecorated, and most of my shopping done.  And now?  I sit here thinking of all the things I really SHOULD be doing, but not wanting to do them because cleaning?  Bleh.

Mom called this morning.  They are spending a week in Arizona before they all head over to England.  She said it “Froze” there last night.  I say “Froze” because Arizona cant really, truly, honestly – freeze.  What she means is – it got “Cold” last night and now everything is hard.  Here?  The creeks and lakes are frozen with atleast 2 inches of ice.  The snow that we had about a week ago is so hard its like cement, and there is more snow expected in a few days.

Me?  I wore extra layers today, and now look somewhat similar to a marshmallow.

Im still wondering what to do for Christmas cards this year, and last night as I dug around through our old decorations – I found it.  The master of ALL masters – the Christmas Card List.  Its big enough to be a book people.  13 pages.  I don’t even KNOW these people.  A few years ago when we were introduced to one of the Christmas card people – mom introduced us, and Amanda and I smiled, knowingly.  This was one of the Christmas card people!

But still.

Im debating again.  Christmas cards for all 500+?  Boxes?  Gifts?  Presents?  Etc?  Since no one is going to be here this year, I have a few ideas for family/friends – but nothing major.  I really wanted to get something together to send to someone who will be spending the holidays in the hospital or someone who might be having a hard year…but I couldn’t think of anyone and all my leads have turned up empty.  Maybe next year I will start earlier.

The dog has been especially weird lately, I think she wonders where mama is.  She started this new stupid routine.  Before bed she HAS to have a drink from HER cup.  Her water dish will not do.  Her drink has to be from her cup upstairs, and if she doesn’t have it?  She will stare.  Until you get it for her.  Ever had a dog stare at you at night?  No you cant see her – but you can feel it.  Today she is restless.  I think she wants more walks – but did I mention?  Its COLD.  No, seriously cold not Arizona cold!

Ah well.  Im off to find the perfect Christmas card photo.  Wish me luck, because Im going to need it.  Think its hard to get a good photo?  Try getting a good family photo when the family is spread out across the world!  And no, we didn’t think to do a photo when they were here.  Actually…we did.  It just didn’t happen.  Because time?  Seriously flies when you are having fun.

I dont like snow, but I am partial to snow flakes.




One thought on “Winter Frozen Land

  1. RoSy says:

    Good luck on your Christmas card photo. I’m sure that you will capture a perfect shot.
    Snowflakes are nice & sparkly. Snow is great to watch. But – I’m not a fan of driving in it or having to shovel it (which I rarely shovel – but – still). And the cold is played out. Brrr…

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