Ive been home two weeks.

Coming home is always the hardest.  By the time you get done with all your flights, connections, and sitting still for 20hours, you are ready to get home.  But at the same time – you are just wishing the plane would keep flying and return back to where you left, because the 20 hours there don’t seem nearly as long as the 20 hours home.

Its funny, I couldn’t sleep much on the long flights.  Even though I had an empty seat beside me on the first leg.  After flying for over a day, and landing in the seattle airport, it felt familiar.  The gate was filled with people sporting rain boots, and jackets – I even bumped into a few locals who I knew.  And on that flight.  In the very back of the plane, squeezed in an over full flight – turbulence and all – I slept.

Im still not completely adjust.  Im not back to taking pictures, and riding my bike.  Writing seems like a distant thing.  And even though the shop hasn’t been that busy, I am completely beat by 11pm where as I used to be able to stay awake until 2, maybe 3 am.

Back I am, ready I am not.

Last night I put the last of my things away.  Cleaned up the floor and put the suitcase in the closet.  I have yet to dole out the last of the gifts, and some things are still missing.  I havent emptied my memory card, and done inventory on my socks.

It usually takes a month to get back into things for me, so its not like Im worried.  Curious, perhaps.  About when I will finally break out the camera, or oil my bike up and go for a ride to town – a task that seems daunting at best.  I still am bumping into people who ask how my trip was, I still feel like a foreigner, and Im still missing these times.


Silly Monkey




People ask what I did – what the best part of my trip was, and honestly its hard to narrow it down because there was so MUCH good, mostly the entire trip was good.  But most people dont believe me when I say the best part was just hanging out with my sister.  Its hard to go from spending everyday with her – to not.

But its hard to complain.  Because today, its sunny.  And there isn’t anything better than a sunny day in Ketchikan.  Im not exactly glad to be home, but in a way, a weird crazy sort of way – it is good to be home.  Even if its just because I am glad Im not on a 20 hour plane ride heading home.  Ill take what I can get.

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