Since returning from Italy, I unpacked, and tossed my camera in the corner – mentally making a note to take him back out the next day.  I missed taking pictures every day, even if ½ of them didn’t turn out the way I was hoping.  Two weeks later, I pulled him out of the corner.  My excuses were legit, but still!


While in Italy, all of my pictures developed a mysterious black dot in the center of them, most likely from changing the lens on the beach, and getting some sand or dust in there.  I ordered a cleaning kit, but it took its time getting here – giving me an excuse to extend my lack of picture taking.  And then I got sick.  And more time ticked by.


Sunday we woke up late, David had worked long hours all week, and we were all recovering from random colds.  We had planned on going to the park earlier in the day – but as things go, we didn’t end up getting out of the house until later.  But you cant rush relaxing days, and instead of going to the park early – we let the day take on a mind of its own.  We laughed and played.


And yes, he is the cutest nephew ever.  Dont try and argue it 🙂


And then – we went to the park.



And I remembered just how much I miss Spring days, and taking pictures.  And swinging, and riding merry go rounds.


(An awesome picture by Amanda)

Hurry up and come Spring!

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