Its that time of year again – about three months ago, mom flew over to spend a bit of time with Amanda, David and Mr Jd.  The plan was for dad and I to fly over – and we would spend the holidays together, but as we all know, sometimes plans don’t work out.  In this case – the plans didn’t work out how we had intended, but perhaps in a better way.  Mom got to stay an extra month, and we got two Christmas’s.  Cant argue too much with that!

Two weeks ago now, dad and I flew pretty much nonstop, and ended up in London where we met up with these two:


And their cute little son, Mr JD (who just keeps on getting cuter!):


15 days ago now it was.  The one thing we all agreed on was how short of a time it really seemed to be, and how FAST things went.  Honestly it seemed like MAYBE a week.  And that’s stretching it.  I guess that’s a good sign tho.  🙂


Mom and Dad

Its been a really awesome two weeks.  Yesterday we piled in a cab at 4am (after getting up at the crazy unthinkable hour of 3am) and took mom and dad to the airport.  Came home, and promptly got sick.  On the way home, Amanda and I reminisced about the past two weeks – I didn’t write nearly enough (even though I promised myself I would write daily) hardly took any pictures, but the time will be etched in my mind forever.  Or atleast, you know, the times I can remember!

And I happen to think my nephew is the best

And I happen to think my nephew is the best

Thankfully I have a few months left here of visiting to do, and many more days to remember.

And on a final note – Welcome home mom!  Hope everything runs smoothly there, and will see you soon.

One thought on “15 days

  1. RoSy says:

    Nice post & pix!
    Not posting as much as you’d like or taking as many pictures as you’d like is not so bad. The time spent with your fam & the memories in you & the feelings captured are what counts & that will be with you forever!
    Keep livin’ it up 🙂

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