The other night Amanda sent across an overly excited smiley face followed with some fast typing indicating she was excited about something…for the past, probably close to ten years, we have chatted online, her and I.  Sure, for many of those ten years we talked in person too…but there was always something about sitting across the office pounding on the keyboard as fast as possible that excited us both.  People would often joke, wondering why, if we were just across the room from each other – would we chat online?  It wasn’t exactly something that we could explain, much like our relationship – it just was.  And is.  And there is no real way to explain things.  They just are.

While she lives a gazillion and one miles away – at times it still seems as though she is just right across the office.  Except that when I look up – her chair is empty.  So the other night when she finally told me why she was excited it shocked me.  WordPress had awarded her an award for blogging for one year.  At first I wondered what blog she was talking about, did she have some secret blog that she kept all her writings on?  Why didn’t she tell me?  Certainly she didn’t mean the business blog – weve been writing there for more than a year?  But no, of course, she meant here.  She has officially been writing here with me for a year.

And it seems weird.  Because much like chatting – it seems like it is something we have always done together.  I don’t remember the days before she blogged with me (even though it was just a year ago) I remember asking her to write here, and I remember wondering why I hadn’t asked her before…but it surprised me that it had only been a year.  And if I may say, it has been one of the best years blogging.

Much like painting a wall – it is possible to do so alone, but it isn’t as much fun.  And it doesn’t get done as quickly, or efficiently as if there were two.

One year down, and hopefully many MANY more to come!


(Yes it looks like a 5 year old drew it.  I never said my drawing skills were all that.)

Thanks for writing with me Capn, for spicing this dull space up…now write something!  Or else I will take away your trophy!

4 thoughts on “One Year Award

  1. RoSy says:

    What a nice post!
    Happy 1 year of blogging & many more to the both of you 🙂 🙂

    1. Capn Manda says:

      Thanks for reading our blog, and for your faithful commenting-ship too!

  2. Capn Manda says:

    I will write something here! It probably seems like longer because I’ve been commenting for more than a year. Eh? Or not. Hmmm. Maybe its just seems longer cos time spent with me seems like toooooo long. Haha. Anyways, thanks for the trophy, I will put it on my mantel! Hurrah for me!! Hurrah for the blog! 😀

    1. CJ says:

      Ahhh Thats gotta be why! You HAVE been around much longer – just not officially! Should rename it the official unofficial award! Ha!

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