Mr JD was born.  I asked Amanda to join me in blogging.  I took a picture everyday that month.  She wrote her first post.  It was very.  VERY cold.



Was a busy yet fun month.  Dad and I left for England and met up with mom who was already there.  Met Mr JD, and spent two weeks there together, and then mom and dad went home while I stayed.  It was awesome fun.



David, Amanda, JD and I all went to Scotland.  And had a blast.  I really don’t think I wrote much about that, but the memories that come flooding back when I type “Scotland” tell me it was one of the best trips I have ever had.  I had a heck of a time trying to get home.  I started “Whats Cookin.”



Was my birthday!  I drew some cartoons that still make me laugh & reflected on some past times.  Amanda wrote about carrot cake, and apparently we had some sun!



Was mothers day.  And a seemingly quiet month as we soaked up the sun.  Amanda went cold turkey on the internet, and wrote about her adventures without it.  I wrote a post or two on a few deeper thoughts.



We had two birthdays!  Mom and Amanda both turned another year older.  I took some “Pretty” pictures, and Amanda wrote a post to accommodate the unknown holiday of “6-6-12”



Was our main month of summer weather here.  There wasn’t a whole lot of posting (aside from summery pictures).  We contemplated the age old question of carry on luggage only, and celebrated the 4th of July.


It was my turn to face the dreaded internet issues, and I must say Amanda handled her lack of internets in May much better than I did.  Amanda, David, and JD went to London during the Olympics and saw the marathon runners FIRST HAND!  Mr JD apparently grew up.  David had a birthday (and no one blogged about him.  Woops!)



The rats moved in, and attempted to take over.  Amanda defined some British words for us all, and I took some of my favorite flower pictures.



Was another seemingly quiet month online atleast!  We talked about Halloween, I wrote to mom and kept up pretty much most of the month with You Capture (which was my goal last year).



I posted everyday one thing I was thankful for, and while it was hard to get rolling at first – at the end I was thinking to continue it a few more months.  A few that stick out are: #5, #8, #18, #22, and #30.  I also wrote one of my favorite posts about the pickle family.  November was a thank-FULL month.  I tagged all my thankful posts here too.



And then December happened.  I apparently, wrote only about plants.  And Amanda wrote three different DIY posts about Christmas styled crafts.  We got some snow, and Yoshi was THRILLED

3 thoughts on “A look back over 2012

  1. Capn Manda says:

    OOo! I’m the first to comment on this I do believe! I hope that when you do the 2013 recap you can have on there that we visited Ketchikan!!! We havent been there in over a year now. Wow too long. Anyways, nice post, fun recapping things, it makes me think about wanting to do something exciting every single month this year!

  2. RoSy says:

    LOVE this post!
    All moments captured beautifully.
    Happy New Year gals 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    this was nice to be able to…revisit…the year…..thanks for doing this..great post…love mom.

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