This afternoon I took Yoshi on a short walk from the house to the shop, by the time we got inside we were both very VERY wet.  I realized how thankful I am for a dryer!  A simple contraption that dries your clothes!  Imagine!

But then I got to thinking about our travels to England a few years ago – when we had to use on of these contraptions:

The only thing they are good at is stabbing people in the eye.  Im pretty sure I caught Amanda on that once or twice – or maybe I just pulled her hair with it.  Or both.  I know there were quite a few incidents involving the “Rotating stick that you hang your clothes on” and a few were a bit embarrassing, to say the least.  Hanging your clothes on the line to dry is a little more embarrassing than sticking them in a dryer – especially when the hanger thingy is located right out the back door – where everyone stands to talk.  While your … clothes … flap happily in the breeze.

Plus on days like today – when its pouring rain, I don’t think they would do us a whole lot of good – unless we used them as a washer!

2 thoughts on “Thankful # 23

  1. RoSy says:

    LOL – I actually wish I could hang-dry my clothes & sheets in the summer. (Not unmentionables though). I miss the scent of hang-dried clothes.
    But – in the winter & with rain – I too am thankful for a clothes dryer!

    1. CJ says:

      Sheets sound nice – Especially if they get dried! 🙂

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