A big hello to everyone from England!

It was the last day of the London Olympics -the day of the marathon. David, JD and I decided to go to London to see what all the excitement was about.

We found a place to watch, near St James’ Park. At least I think it was St James’ Park… David later told me that was where we were because I didn’t know! Anyways, it was close to the start of the race, and that’s where we waited for the runners to come by.

Soon we heard a helicopter far away, it was slowly making its way towards us. “The helicopter must be filming the marathon” David said. “Ooooo I wondered what it was for!” I said. Then we heard it: a distant cheer from the crowd.


We knew the runners were getting near!

Then suddenly, there they were, a whole group of them, running -speeding past as the crowd cheered and pressed against the fence. We cheered through all the noise. I yelled “GO USA!!!” And tried to connect the runners with their countries. Of course they were moving a bit too fast for that, though I thought I saw the USA. Then as suddenly as they came, they were gone.

“Well, that was that!” we thought, and we decided to go wander around London and take in the sights. David thought the London Monument would be a good place to go. So off we went…to catch the underground. We stopped for coffee first though. And watched the marathon live on the tv in the coffee shop.

Once we were on the underground, we were off, speeding towards the Monument. We walked off and carried JD in his stroller up the stairs to the street, a free lift for him, lucky guy! Suddenly, I heard a loud cheer coming from outside the station. I ran to the door and say a huge crowd gathered on the sides of the road. They were cheering..was it? Yes it was the marathon runners, coming by again! This time past the monument.

We ran over to where the crowd was gathered by the street. David gave me a piggy back so I could see above the crowds….

There they were. Running UP hill! London is flat, but there are slight inclines in places, and this happened to be one of them…there was music -played by a live band and someone on a megaphone who was announcing the runners as they ran past. We all cheered them on, and I yelled “GO GO GO YAY YAY!!” in David’s ear. We cheered until the last one had ran past.

Then we headed off again. David thought that St Paul’s would be a good place go. We walked and walked, and JD got his free ride in the stroller.

We arrived at St Paul’s, and rode a wheelchair life up the stairs -because of Jd’s stroller that is, or at least that was our excuse.

When we reached the top of the stairs we heard a familiar sound; a cheer from the crowd. We hurried over to the sidewalk ,towards the gathered crowds, and even found a spot right near the road. We had happened upon the runners yet again! There was bigger gaps between the runners by now. The marathon was almost over, and we were there near the end! We held Jd up so he could see them too and we could tell him someday that he had seen an Olympic event. πŸ˜€ Or maybe he can tell us about it, who knows. πŸ˜€ He held onto the side of the fence and was very excited waving his arms and kicking!

London was amazing.

We had been thinking to possibly avoid going, but decided last minute that to miss the entire Olympics would really be a shame. I mean, it was busy… but we didn’t get trampled in the crowds, or run anyone over with Jd’s stroller…so I’d say the day was a success. And we were really thankful that God led us, not only to watch the marathon runners speed by once, but three times!!! It was an exciting day.

Congrats to Stephen Kirprotich of Uganda on winning gold!

2 hours, 8 minutes, and 1 second to run over 26 miles and 385 yards was the winning time! Now that’s fast!!

One thought on “London 2012

  1. RoSy says:

    Thanks for sharing your story of what you caught of the Olympics. Pretty cool that you were there to catch this part of history.
    Cute pic of your lil guy πŸ™‚

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