My favorite drink.  Amanda and I found these matching starbucks cups in a second hand store in England when I was there visiting.  I packed mine all the way home.  Sadly, eers had an unfortunate accident with the table:

Pretty Koo-laid:

Last weekend, armed with my star bucks card I took mom out to get a coffee.  What can I say?  Im cheap like that.  I had a new drink that I had heard about and really wanted to try.  It sounded simple enough, a regular cup of coffee with an extra double espresso added.  Since it was a hot day, I decided to take it to a new level and get it on ice.  The lady didn’t skip a beat when I told her my order, wrote it down and rang us up.  A few seconds later she reappeared.  “Im sorry!  We are OUT of cold coffee.  Can I get you an iced Americano instead?”  Confused as to WHAT I had ordered I agreed, and then she handed me this, with another apology:

I don’t know what we ordered, but I wish I did.  Because it was REALLY good.  And we got a free drink because they didn’t have the one I had ordered.  Whatever that may have been!

3 thoughts on “You Capture: Drinks

  1. Teresa says:

    That is a super fun mug!

  2. Stillmary says:

    I like your Starbucks mug and I agree, the Kool-Aid made for a pretty You Capture picture, but most of all, I enjoyed your amusing story about your mystery drink and mystery order. Great post!

  3. i might be in love with that mug….

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