I am guilty of not telling people how I really feel about them.  Oh, sure, I am quick to point out flaws and annoyances and when someone really really ticks me off.  But I don’t do “sap” real well.  I kind of just hope they know I appreciate them, and assume they know and hope for the best.

And then yesterday.  I do what I do, and I get mad.  At the people who are always there for me, and who I (knowingly and unknowingly) take advantage of.  I get irritated about the silliest things.  We all do, but I hardly ever stop to enjoy the small things.

So today – on her Birthday, I just want to say:

(And thank you for putting up with me, for 22 years.)

Just earlier this year, mom discovered this here blog.  And my first thought was instantly “Oh no…did I write something I wouldn’t want her to read?”  and of course, my second thought (after the waves of everything blew over) was “Well why didn’t I tell her about it sooner?”  Isnt that how life should be?  Why ARENT you enjoying it with those you love the most?  Why are we always so busy.  Too busy.  To stop.  And enjoy.  And say “Hey.  I love you.”

I really don’t know if I have ever told mom, how much she means to me.  I don’t know that I have ever told her, with words, that I appreciate, truly, everything she does.  And yes, sometimes I get irritated with her.  And I get angry with her.  But then we work through it, and come out the other end, and the next day there is nothing but a distant memory of something that went wrong.

You cant put a name to what she is.  Shes mom.  And anyone who has a mom will know just what that means.  She doesn’t everything and then some.  She just is.  And she means a lot to me.  Not because of what she does, or doesn’t do…but because shes mom.  Shes my mom.  And today?  Is her birthday…so Happy Birthday, Mom!

Know that I (we) always love you – and you do mean a lot to me…even though I am sure at times you have to wonder.  Thanks for everything you do.  Hope you have the best day ever!

Love you!


Christina, Amanda, David, and Judah
(for everyone)

2 thoughts on “To Mom:

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  2. cycletorque says:

    Happy Birthday to you Mom!!

    We love you!!

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