I didnt get any very good pictures this week, because wouldnt you know?  It rained pretty much all week.  But thats “Spring” for you!  After a week like last week – we had to have to rain to make up for it.

Skunk Cabbage means winter is officially over and Spring is heading in.

No idea what these are.  I call them “Baby Shrimp” but I think they are fish of some sort.  They show up every Spring down by the ocean for a few weeks – and drive the dogs CRAZY!

Not the best picture, but look!  New little buds…!

And of course, Crocus!

What says Spring to you?

And just for fun, I have Spring ’10 and Spring ’11

2 thoughts on “You Capture: Spring

  1. Stillmary says:

    Your captures really really say Spring to me (except for the little shrimpy things that I’m not familiar with)! I love your captures because they’re about really early Spring – the tiny bud and the skunk cabbage and definitely the crocus – the first truly pretty harbinger of Spring on the way. Great post!

  2. Heather says:

    I love the crocrus shot…such lovely colors. Great captures!

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