I read a few weeks ago about someone who had went to take a picture – and discovered that their lens was smashed!  Talk about a heart attack!  Thankfully, upon further investigation, they realized it was the UV filter instead.  They were posting to tell everyone to invest in the silly $10 thing already!  I smiled, because just a few months prior, I had bought a set myself.

Fast forward to Valentines Day.  Yesterday.  Walking down the big hill to spend the day with my sister, mom and nephew – I tried to take the lens cover off, only to find it wouldn’t budge.  A little tugging, a lot of gasping and a few short breaths and this was found:

This is the kind of thing you read about, and never expect it to happen to you.  A smashed filter, is so much better than a smashed lens!  Go buy the filter!  Save a lens.  And maybe save yourself a heart attack in the process!

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